January 14, 2014 1 comment

Hi HINGE folk!

I hope this post finds you well in your respective corners of the world.

As we’re now dispersed, embarking on our own adventures in architecture, I’d love to revive this blog as a platform to share current interests and projects.

I’m meeting with people in my current community and talking about similar issues that the HINGE group discussed, namely public interest design. I’d like to invite them to use this platform too, as it’s already set up and has a nice history of good information. Also, if you have friends you’d like to invite to post to the blog, send me their email addresses and I’ll add them as authors.



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death brings life in new ways!

interesting spin on the need and emergence of public interest design

is anyone heading to Structures for Inclusion?  I would love a report back if you are.  .  . Nate I know you are out there. . .could you fill us in on your experience with the Rose Fellowship??

be well,

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a gathering

February 1, 2012 Leave a comment

In case the uo=hinge google group is no longer functioning:

please join us for an afternoon HINGE gathering to talk about future possibilites in architecture, the structures for inclusion conference, etc. . .This is the critical hinge we are all embarking on in June!!

Wood fired pizza gathering, 1960 Grant St, Sunday February 5th, 3 pm-darkish.  Please bring toppings and/or sauce and whatever beverage that suits you on a sunday afternoon.  We’ll provide the gluten dough. 

Please rsvp to Laura so we have enough dough!

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do GOOD . . .

January 24, 2012 3 comments

Hi all,

Had a great chat with Becca and got very excited about the opportunities within architecture that are not slogging through traditional firms upon graduation.  Soo I started my own GOOD organizations resource list of place/people/organizations that I find inspiring and potential opportunities for future work.  Let’s start a comprehensive list!  A great way to connect to people and places starts with us!

Anyone interested in a coffee gathering one morning, or beer one friday evening?

(we’re all busy but I’d love to talk about the future and all the exciting possibilities!)

If interested comment back and we’ll figure out a time, day, place . .

My first stab at a list of do-GOODers:

Public Interest Design – fellows and postings of events

Design Impact-works in India

Epicenter, Green River UT

Rose Fellowship

Design Corp – Brian Bell,


Austin Community Design and Development Center

BaSiC Initiative – PSU Sergio Palleroni

e2 design PBS series

Center for Creative Land Recycling

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take a 5 minute break

November 25, 2011 Leave a comment

For my friends, in and out of school:

After reading this, consider the idea of getting meetings going again. Informal… food included… outside of Lawrence. Let’s not lose sight of what we care about in our final months in school together. Thoughts?

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Great List of Non Profit Design Studios

November 8, 2011 Leave a comment
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French government 1, Corbu 0

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

A Corbu-inspired tower in a Paris suburb is razed, to be replaced with “cluster” approach to “housing the poor”.

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